Summer School 2019

Make the Deal with Russians II: Culture, Business, Ecology and Politics

Chelyabinsk State University, Chelyabinsk, Russia
September 3, 2019 - September 19, 2019

The program is intended for Students from all over the world studying at Bachelor and Master Degree programs, PhD students with specialty in Economics, Business Administration, Management and Finance, Eastern Culture, Political Science and other Programs.

Language of instruction is English.

In the end of the course each pasticipant get

  • Certificates with ECTS points (4 ECTS);                         

  • Certificate for Russian language course.

In case of questions, please, write to e-mail: 

We answer you as soon as possible.

Summer School is a wonderful opportunity to  acquaint with the culture of Russia, get new knowledge, improve your skills and make new acquaintances. You can look through photos of previous Summer Schools.



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What to take

Short description of the content and the programme of the Summer School

In 2019 Chelyabinsk State University offers a new, improved Summer School program “Make the Deal with Russians II: Culture, Business, Ecology and Politics”. This program will be held in the South Urals, in the region of thousands of lakes and beautiful nature.


The Summer School program includes a mix of lectures, workshops and business-trainings related to Summer School current topics, which are represented by leading teachers and scholars of Chelyabinsk State University.


The Summer School program includes various elements of the cultural program such as local history museum, theatre, historical buildigs. You have a chance to visit Chelyabinsk opera house. In 2018, the summer school participants attended the Swan Lake ballet - one of the most famous ballet performances in the whole world!


Hockey is considered the national Russian sport. The hockey team "Tractor" is based in Chelyabinsk. In September, the hockey season begins, which allows you to attend an unforgettable match in the modern building of the ice arena. The excitement, emotions and noise of the fans will leave a bright trace in the memories.


As a acquaintance event with Russian cuisine organisers of Summer School prepered a master class of cooking the national Russian dish "pelmeni". Dough, filling, flour and a little effort will allow you to cook one of the most famous national dishes.


A special part of the Summer School is a two-day excursion in the Heart of the Ural Mountains to the most colorful and unique natural monuments of Chelyinsky region. The program includes a visit to the national park "Zyuratkul" and "Porogi". You will have an opportunity to experience a beautiful view of the coniferous forests and the lake from the height of the mountain valley.


You will also have an opportunity to spend time in active recreation - bicycle race, skating and much more. The program includes walks around the city, meetings with Chelyabinsk students, visits to the borders of Europe and Asia.


However, the nature of the South Urals is unpredictable and a climate is more severe. Suppositional weather you can find out by clicking on the button.

A separate part of your Russian study course will be a visit to the main leading industrial enterprises of the city: Chelyabinsk Pipeline Factory, Konar. These companies are widely known in the international markets. You will have the opportunity to see the production process and ask questions to employees of the enterprise.


Before the start of the program, descriptions of upcoming events (name and description of ballet (opera), sights, cultural monuments, etc.) will be sent to your e-mail. Meeting at the airport and check-in at the dormitory will be accompanied by our drivers and volunteers.


The summer school “Make the Deal with Russians II: Culture, Business, Ecology and Politics” in Chelyabinsk will give the possibility to all participants to touch with hands and live directly life, culture and economy in Russia.