NECAW Project Participants

In this section you can find info about participants of our project. We publish personal info only after permission given by participant, so in the table present less number of scientist that actually we have in project.

EUROPE (32 participants)

Bulgaria (6), Germany (2), Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic (3), Poland (2), Romania, Spain (3)
Britain, France (3), Ireland, Italy, Russia (3), Netherlands


South America (9 members)

Argentina (3), Bolivia, Uruguay (2), and Venezuela (2), Colombia, Brazil


North America (12 members)

United States (6), Canada (3), Puerto Rico, Mexico (2), Guatemala


Asia (16 members)

India (5), Taiwan, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia (2), Jordan, Cambodia (2), Iran, Turkey (3), Bangladesh, Malaysia



Morocco, DR Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Tanzania, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Côte Ivaur, South Africa, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria


OCEANIA (4 members)

Australia (3), New Zealand