IV International Scientific Conference

"Competitiveness and the development of socio-economic systems" dedicated to the memory of Alexander Tatarkin

Russia, Chelyabinsk, November 25-26, 2020

Holding conferences helps to preserve the memory of Alexander Tatarkin as an outstanding representative of the Ural science, to maintain relations with his students and colleques from different cities, to continue and develop the work that he started.


Alexander Tatarkin (1946-2016),  doctor of Economics, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was one of the leading scientists of the country in the field of regional economy, spatial development, problems of socio-economic consequences of market reform in Russia. He became the organizer of fundamental economic science in the Ural region. Alexander Tatarkin was connected with Chelyabinsk State University for many years of friendship and in their cooperation many joint projects in the educational and scientific field was realised.

About 350 applications from scientists from many scientific centers of Russia, as well as Kazakhstan, Belarus, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Iran, Mongolia, Romania, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Japan, and China were submitted to participate in the conference.