7th International Muldisciplinary Vanguard Science Congress

29-31 August 2016, Chapingo, Mexico

The Chapingo Autonomous University is the headquarters of the 7th World Day of Scientific Vanguard, which begins with activities today, Monday, August 29 and ends on Wednesday, March 31. At a moving inauguration ceremony were personalities from institutions from different parts of the world. world, among them: Dr. Dimitri Pletnev, Dr. Gernot Ernst, Dr. Tran Tuan Phong, Dr. Xuejun Liu, Dr. Paul Siebert, Mr. Flavio Antonio Díaz Mirón Álvarez, Dr. José Sergio Barrales Domínguez, Dr. Salvador Vega and León, C. Toribio Toledo, Lic. Guillermo Favela, Dr. Claudia Volosciuc, Lic. Alexis Ponce, Dr. Nelly Valbuena Bedoya, Eng. Lucia Schober, Dr. Heinz Dieterich.